Mapping Travel Writing


This is the first stage of a multi-text, multi-layer map of travelogues. Currently, the only publicly visible layer represents Charles Dickens's travels in Pictures from Italy. Clicking on any node will display which chapter and page number of the travelogue mentions the selected location.

As additional layers are added, users will be able to select texts from a menu located in the upper-left corner of the map. Selecting multiple layers will allow users to compare the itineraries of multiple travelogues, showing popular routes and intersections.

This beta project is being built using GoogleMaps, but will eventually migrate to another platform which features a "Time Slider" that will allow users to search for itineraries within selected chronological parameters, demonstrating which writers were travelling in the same regions at the same time, as well as showing the widening scope of a more global itinerary in the late nineteenth century.

Other possible additions include: (1)More detailed mapping of specific sights, hotels, etc. mentioned in texts, (2)Quotes or links to e-text excerpts for selected nodes, (3)Images of cities and sights mentioned in travelogues.