I hold a Ph.D. in English from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. I am interested in writing, research, digital humanities, and web development. My dissertation explores the interstices of tourism, travel literature, and visual culture, from the mid-nineteenth century to the First World War. My current monograph combines topics of travel, imagination, and aesthetics. I have taught a variety of writing-intensive survey courses in English literature, from the Romantics to Nineteenth Century Realism, from the Modernists to Post-Colonialism, as well as an upper-level course in Victorian and Modernist Literature. My courses emphasize the relationship between text and visual culture, including popular culture. My goal for each class is that students finish the semester with stronger analytical and writing skills; a knowledge of texts, authors, and movements; and a vocabulary for better understanding and navigating their own world. This may include class blogging projects, using Google maps to explore novels, or teaching T.S. Eliot alongside Pitbull. You can learn more about my research and writing by visiting Publications.

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Lori N. Brister, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

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