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I'm the Director of Marketing at Politics and Prose, an independent bookstore in Washington, DC. My day job is a combination of copywriting, front-end development, graphic design, and finding creative solutions to complex problems. You can see my resume for information. Off the clock, my work is interdisciplinary and experimental, combining digital art with literary and cultural criticism. I often write about and/or teach on subjects relating to aesthetics, nineteenth-century optical devices, photography, tourism, archaeology, exploration, the digital humanities, and wherever else my curiosity leads.

I hold a Ph.D. in English from The George Washington University, and my dissertation explores the interstices of tourism, travel literature, and visual culture, from the mid-nineteenth century to the First World War. I'm currently working on a collection of essays on the aesthetics of imagination.

You can learn more about my research and writing by visiting Publications.

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Lori N. Brister, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

: loribrister@gmail.com

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